To Ruby and Mika


little angel, do you hear me?
you know,
life is so absurd. one day you will learn
in a tongue that i do not know
that whole revolt will be useless
to stay in peace.
we can cry all the tears of the world,
break every bone, but nothing will change.

and god, if he exists, is more desperate as we are.

now, i imagine you

tumble out your black hair

dancing against the wind,

like in an ancient poem.

my angel, walk with open eyes,

don't be afraid.

it will make silence. i'm sorry to tell you

but you will be alone.

despite our tears, you will not hear the murmur

of those who love you

the words spell and never spell.

nothing will be enough.

and these words will seem too many.

i'm shore that you hear me calling.

go, go free.

J. do Carmo G., 2 janeiro. 2005.

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