Sábado, dia 19 de Setembro, 18h
In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni [Movemo-nos na Noite Sem Saída e Somos Devorados Pelo Fogo] (1978)
Guy Debord - Filme


Domingo, dia 20 de Setembro, 17h:
OCUPAÇÃO - Documentários e debate
Gato Vadio e Casa Viva


500 Stenkastende Autonome Voldspsykopater fra Helvede
DANISH RELEASE: 10.10.2007

"For sale! Including 500 violent stonethrowing psyko punks from Hell" – the sarcastic message from the controversial squat Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen. After seven years of political discussions and court proceedings the activists were evicted from their house, popularly known as Jagtvej 69, on March 1 2007. The film takes a balanced look behind the barricades and follows the squatters during the final year before all was demolished and riots broke out in Copenhagen. The four directors, who were the only outsiders allowed access to Jagtvej 69, bring us close to some of the core activists and document their thoughts in dealing with the imminent threat to their continued existence.

69 (2008)
Nikolaj Viborg; Denmark; 60 min (engl.)

"69" is a documentary about a large group of young people who did not see themselves, culturally or politically, as part of established society. In 1982 they lawfully occupied what was known as the Youth House (Ungdomshuset) at Jagtvej 69, on the outskirts of Copenhagen's inner city. The film portrays the group's situation in 2007, documenting the stormy last six months of the Youth House's history, where the radicalized group rage against the establishment. By following the inner circle of activists, we learn more about the group, the reasons for their actions, and the cause of their predicament.

Squatting (2009)
A film by Larisa Matteissen, 85 min.(engl.)

Movie follows anarchists and activists, who occupy different empty
buildings and territories - from rooms, houses and industrial buildings
to complete villages and ports. Dutch and Russian activists are telling
about their experiences of squatting and reactions of authorities to
self-organisation. Anti-squatters explain why they are in side of the
state. You may freely distribute film for non-commercial purposes.

Table Bed Chair - Amsterdam Squatters (2007)
A documentary by Robert Hack and Jakob Proyer
The DVD is about 30 minutes long and includes Music by P.A.I.N and Fugazi.

*No domingo, as pessoas presentes escolherão os documentários a exibir para não terem que levar com 4 horas seguidas de contra-cultura.

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