20 a 23 de junho / Ciclo a Estrada, Espadas de Fogo, Occupygezi e S. João

Quinta, 20 de Junho
Aberto das 17:00 às 24:00h

Filme:  21:30h
A busca de si próprio,
a vagabundagem, a aventura,
o retorno às origens...


Tony Gatlif (2004)
Um jovem, descendente de retornados da Argélia e a sua companheira, descendente de imigrantes magrebinos, fazem uma viagem de mochila até à Argélia desde Paris.

Sexta, 21 de Junho
 Aberto das 17:00 às 24:00h

Filmes:  22:00h

A Guerra das Espadas de Fogo
(Salvador, 2007)

A véspera do dia de S. João em Cruz das Almas

O Dia Seguinte
(Porto 2013)

O dia de S. João em Cruz das Almas,
depois da Guerra das Espadas de Fogo.

Filmes de Luis Costa.

Sessão com a presença do realizador.


Sábado, 22 de Junho
Aberto das 17:00 às 24:00h

Conversa/Apresentação:  21:00h

Protests and repression in Turkey
Apresentação dos últimos acontecimentos na Turquia.
Por Ismail Küpeli, um activista e cientista político turco que vive actualmente no Porto.

There will be at least 3 parts. First would be a short introduction about what happened in Turkey in the last two weeks. After that we would watch some short documentaries about why the people are protesting. And i could try to give an insight to the background of the protests, about what happened in the last years. It would be like this:

The struggle about the Gezi-Park in Istanbul has unexpected and even for well-informed activists and political observers quite surprising. It seemed to be only a local issue, just important enough for the neighborhood. But it served as a spark for the biggest country-wide protest in Turkey of the last years – maybe even for the whole decade.

To understand this rapid development, one needs to dig a little bit deeper. There are two explanations why so much people are protesting now on the streets:

The ruling AKP-party came to power in 2002, because many people from very different political tendencies hoped that this party will overcome the old regime and there will be a process of political reforms, like introduction of human rights and peace in the kurdish regions of Turkey. But this hope vanished in the last years, when the AKP-government started waves of repression against the opposition. People put in prison with false accusations for years and even intellectuals and public figures were not spared out of the repression. More and more people understood, that the AKP has taken an authoritarian tendency and that there is the need to protest against this tendency.

In the same time (from 2002 to now) different social and ecological movements started, where the ethnic divisions between the people have been overcome. One important example is the campaign against GAP. GAP is a huge state project to build 22 big dams, mostly in the east, to produce huge amounts of energy, which is needed for the industry in the west. The dams will float a great areas, which means that ten thousands of people from this poor regions will be displaced. The people started to struggle against this social and ecological catastrophe and build up a movement which is now active in many areas of the country.

In this situation, a more and more authoritarian government versus growing grassroots movements, only a spark was needed.

Domingo, 23 de Junho
Aberto das 17:00 às 24:00h

Jantar/Festa:  20:00h


Sardinha assada
Caldo Verde

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